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Part of the mission of ubu studio is to provide a venue for important contemporary media that for one reason or another doesn't seem to get fair exposure to the art viewing public. Artist publications are one such marginalized medium.
ubu studio is the happy home of several publications which you may come in and read and or purchase and perhaps inspire the nascent book artist.

Note: This is an archive of the books that were available at ubu studio art gallery. Since the gallery is closed, I do not have these books any more. If you are interested however, I can put you in contact with the individual artist. Please see the ubustudio .com main page for contact info.
Thanks for looking, FT.

Coelacanthid #1 artist book by Michael Connor
Coelacanthid #1

by Michael Connor
A mixed- media color copy spin-off of Coelacanthus; a tale of existential woes.

The Seine, artist book by Cathy Bloom
The Seine
by Cathy Bloom
A little romance that starts out at the post office.

Coelacanthus #9 artist book by Michael Connor
Coelacanthus #9
by Michael Connor
Issue #9 features Asmwe in a comic started on 24-hour Comic Day, 2005 , completed some 3 months later! Features "custom" poetry/prose meant to balance composition of off-set cover!

Benign artist book by Erica Quin-Easter
by Erica Quin-Easter
...weaves together stark dictionary definitions with the story of a woman awaiting word after her breast biopsy.

What is an Artist Book?

  An Artist Book is a form of expression in multiple copies. A modern offspring of the fine art print, artist books take advantage of readily accessible means (photocopiers, computer printers, laser printers or manual hand printing devices) to produce a series, or an edition, which is then bound as a book, pamphlet or folder of pages For a more detailed discussion of the medium of the artist book I would urge you to check out Printed Matter in NYC.
Ubu studio is home to a meager yet growing collection of locally produced Artist Books.
Please contact us if you would like us to carry your publication and you are local to New England.

Avant Hybrids artist book by Reed Altemus and Andrew Topel
Avant Hybrids
by Reed Altemus and Andrew Topel
An attempt to cause a completely visceral response by atomizing language.

Coelacanthus #10 artist book by Michael Connor
Coelacanthus #10
by Michael Connor
Issue #10 features the return of bad poetry, the 'focal animal', as well as a collection of 20 single-page comics (made in tears as well as ink!)

Practical Knowledge #2  book by Leighton Hasselrodt
Practical Knowledge #2
by Leighton Hasselrodt
Seriously fun experimental collage comic with 'found' text. mindbending!

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Edifice Wrecks artist book by Ross Martin
Edifice Wrecks
by Ross Martin
This astounding collage opus is a truly wondrous book. For fans of Ernst and Jarry there is 80 pages of meticulously cut and arranged pieces of sundry texts and illustrations.

Coelacanthus #11 artist book by Michael Connor
Coelacanthus #11
by Michael Connor

In issue #11 of this ongoing experimental comic series is a tale of a girl-monster, the eponymous fossil fish, a beetle and the Destiny Socks.

Venus' Girdle artist book by Frank Turek
Venus' Girdle
by Frank Turek
A ten page epic of heartbreak, woe and resignation constructed from found text and images.

Blausteinsee artist book by Luc Fierens and Reed Altemus
by Luc Fierens and Reed Altemus
A trans-atlantic collage collaboration by two prominent mail art/copier art artists.